Transforming experiences through AI-powered recommendations

Personalised viewing experiences across devices

AI-Powered, real-time recommendations

Boost engagement, increase views and improve retention

DIAGNAL and Recombee have partnered to offer Recombee’s world class AI powered recommender service through DIAGNAL’s Enlight Applications solution, delivering personalised viewing experiences across a wide range of platforms, including mobile apps, TV devices and the web.

By leveraging data from multiple sources, including catalog metadata and user interaction, Recombee’s advanced machine learning models understand user preferences and recommend relevant content across VOD libraries, and live streams. The AI-powered and real-time solution provides media companies with complete control over their recommendations, and to tailor them to meet their business needs.

Key features of Recombee’s video recommendation engine integrated with DIAGNAL Enlight include personalised homepages with recommendation rails as well as personalised content suggestions throughout the Enlight user experience.

This seamless integration ensures that recommendation features can be rolled out easily for premium streaming services, as they have been tested and deployed with other DIAGNAL customers. Service providers can focus on boosting engagement, increasing views, and improving retention rates for their OTT service.

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Recombee Video Recommender Solution

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