Protecting content rights and IP across platforms and devices

Secured management and delivery of content

Support multiple DRM technologies

Minimise revenue loss

Content security and protection are critical to any media and sports businesses with premium content. Through a partnership with Axinom, DIAGNAL offers the secured management and delivery of live and on-demand video content, with Axinom’s advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) content protection solution.

With support for multiple DRM technologies — Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay, Axinom’s scalable and secure content protection solution encodes and encrypts content to packaging into adaptive formats. It works seamlessly with DIAGNAL Enhance content management solution and DIAGNAL Enlight applications solution, to deliver secured premium content across all devices and platforms.

By protecting video content rights and valuable intellectual property (IP) through the streaming and content lifecycle, DIAGNAL and Axinom customers can minimise any potential revenue loss due to piracy and deliver comprehensive and engaging viewing experiences.

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