Bespoke OTT Design Solutions

Design Services.

We design and develop custom OTT applications which provide rich, intuitive and seamless experiences to viewers across devices and destinations.

Bespoke OTT Design Solutions

Design Services.

We design and develop custom OTT applications which provide rich, intuitive and seamless experiences to viewers across devices and destinations.

A proven digital media product design methodology.

We support you throughout the video business journey, from ideation and planning to post-launch optimization.


Product Features.

We spell out the ambition and constraints of the project. We identify what’s available and missing for your brand, product, content and tech, so we can provide solutions to fill the gaps.


We evaluate your product or service and create a timetable with assignees of each feature to deliver. We follow this priority list throughout the project with our customers.


Creating or using existing branding from the content provider is essential in maintaining complete consistency across the customers company.

We also create configurable elements in our App CMS for OTT providers, enabling them to make changes to their branding without redeployment of the App.


Information Architecture.

Information Architecture is organizing content in the most logical & efficient way to maximize findability. DIAGNAL builds the architecture based on the project roadmap and the previous research in discovery. 

User Journey.

The user journey is created to achieve one main goal – To optimize the users ability to accomplish a task – We ensure users have a seamless experience – in as few steps as possible.

Protoyping & testing.

We test the design prototype with the project stakeholders and internal team. We ensure all product features have been considered, thought out and deployed correctly.


Unified Creative UI Elements.

We start to document the full design system as we design across platforms. This delivers a full experience language that allows you to create consistent experiences across all platforms, screen sizes and consumer touchpoints.

UI State Changes.

States communicate the status of UI elements to the user. Each state should be visually similar and not drastically alter a component, but must also have clear affordances that distinguish it from other states and the surrounding layout.

User - UI Interaction Definition.

Interactions can draw user’s attention to a specific area. Good UI interaction design makes UI more predictable and easier to navigate — it puts emphasis on the right elements at the right moment of time.


Development Support.

One of the benefits of choosing DIAGNAL is you will be utilizing a design and dev team in coalition. A closely linked team ensures a fluid process of development and in turn an effective outcome.

Design Fidelity Testing.

Our designers work closely with the dev team on testing the high fidelity mockups. We fix any design discrepancies that may occur within the development process.

Development Specification.

We utilise UX UI tools such as Figma for the delivery of the design to the development team. This ensures complete transparency not only between the design and dev teams but between the customer and DIAGNAL.


New Device Improvements.

When we launch new devices, from the agreed customer roadmap, there can be improvements we need to address when concerning different platform requirements and device sizes.  We ensure a seamless experience across all devices and platforms.

User Behaviour Review.

We leverage UX analytics to inform our design ensuring that customers will continue to use the app and love their experience with it.

A/B Testing.

We present different segments of the applications to visitors, at the same time, to determine which version leaves the maximum impact and drives business metrics.

Our bespoke solutions are proven and tested globally. Speak to one our specialists today to learn more about our services.