Reducing Churn Rate With Offline Playback

The Benefits of having Offline playback for End-users and Content Providers




Offline Playback is a high-end feature for OTT Applications. Allowing end-users to download DRM/Non DRM videos over WI-FI and/or Mobile Data Networks has been proven to increase user engagement and reduce churn rate for content providers. Whether the user is commuting to work, flying or simply wants to save data, the Download feature on OTT Apps increases user engagement throughout the day and overall usability.




How does offline playback increase Engagement?

Enabling download for offline playback allows users to watch their favourite content at any time, anywhere e.g. subway/tube, flights, and rural places where the connectivity is not available. 38% of Americans canceled one or more OTT services in the last year because they thought that they did not use the OTT service enough to warrant the monthly subscription fee. With this in mind it’s essential to offer end-users the ability to use the App as much as possible.


Target Users From Across the Globe

Mobile data costs fluctuate around the globe, making it difficult for some users to watch content ‘on the go’. Since offline playback through downloads allows users to download any content over a Wi-Fi connection, they can do so before leaving their house and stream anywhere without any additional data consumption, in turn saving tons of bandwidth and additional costs for the end-user.


Bad Connections

We’ve all experienced bad phone connections and the all fearing ‘buffering symbol’ when trying to watch content ‘on the go’. If there is a fluctuation in data connectivity, streaming tends to get compromised and leads to bad UX. If the contents are downloaded and readily available in devices, it is independent of data connectivity and gives users a seamless streaming experience.



Overall, offline playback adds multiple benefits to streaming services leading to an enhanced user experience. It’s a function that is scarcely available and reserved only for the big OTT names in the industry.

DIAGNAL however offers this as a base feature for all their OTT customers, allowing them to compete with some of the biggest names in the business.

Learn more about how DIAGNAL ENLIGHT can help drive your business forward.





ENLIGHT is DIAGNAL’s application solution for premium OTT service providers looking to publish and monetize content quickly.

ENLIGHT provides a collection of feature rich premium application experiences across a wide range of device platforms. Well tested and deployed with global customers, ENLIGHT apps provide high performance and a high end experience to end-users.


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