Optimising premium viewing experiences with video performance analytics

QoE analytics in a single dashboard

Real time visibility into live streams

Video performance benchmarking

DIAGNAL partners with Mux, to offer a comprehensive solution for premium content delivery and real-time video performance tracking. 

Mux Data provides deep insights into video engagement and Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics all in a single dashboard, seamlessly integrated with DIAGNAL Enlight premium application solution. This integration ensures that any streaming or player experience issues are addressed swiftly, enabling DIAGNAL Enlight to deliver high-quality viewing experiences to different devices and platforms. 

Through the Mux Data product, analytics span the entire video workflow, from player to ads to CDNs. This provides real-time visibility into video workflow performance and live event streaming experiences. 

Comprehensive performance reports on critical metrics such as startup time, rebuffering, playback failures, and video quality, can be generated anytime. By comparing historical data and benchmarking against industry standards, Mux Data helps media companies identify areas for improvement. 

With DIAGNAL and Mux solutions working together, media companies can monitor streaming analytics to ensure they deliver the best viewing experiences for their audiences.

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