Elevating digital experiences with a secure cloud platform

Boost performance and scale

Manage delivery costs

Real time control and management

A robust, scalable and secure cloud platform is critical infrastructure to power video experiences. DIAGNAL and Fastly have partnered to deliver premium video viewing experiences for media owners, through Fastly’s modern, scalable and secure cloud network.

DIAGNAL Enhance provides robust content management and publishing features to manage the content library, workflows and campaigns, and deliver video content. Using Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform as the cloud infrastructure, video content can be cached and purged rapidly to improve the speed of delivery. That means faster video downloads and scaling quickly to meet user demand. Efficient content caching keeps video delivery costs down, especially when traffic or viewer numbers increase.

Fastly’s fully configurable platform has comprehensive APIs that allow for real time control, making it easier to manage video workflow, management and content delivery through DIAGNAL Enhance.

With the combination of DIAGNAL and Fastly solutions, premium video content can be delivered across all devices and platforms securely, with the best viewing experiences.

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