Chrome 49+,Edge, Firefox 70+, Safari 12+

Phones & Tablets

IOS: iphone v12+, ipad v12+ 

Android: Phone v12+, Tablet v12+

Smart TV

Android TV: Android 8.0+

Samsung TV: 2017+ Tizen

LG TV: 2017+ webOS

TV Devices

Chromecast: iOS App, Android App, Chrome

Apple TV: tvOS 11+

Fire TV: Fire OS OS v6+

Roku: OS v9+

Game Consoles

PlayStation: PS4+

Xbox: Xbox One+

Feature List

Example features of our OTT Apps include but are not limited to :


DIAGNAL ENLIGHT supports subscriptions, rentals, purchases and advertising. Support secure transactions with multiple payment providers including in app purchases.

Configuration Management

Our OTT Apps solution also includes Application Configuration Management. This is used to configure the theme and feature rules for our OTT Apps solution. Example configurations of our OTT Apps include but are not limited to :

Partner Integrations

These pre-integrations reduce your time and cost to launch and continue to support you after the launch.

Frontend Tech Stack

Frameworks, Tools & Languages

Adaptable Solutions

On-going Feature Releases

Staff Expertise

Proven Global Experience

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We have deep expertise in the design and development of large scale OTT solutions.

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