Users are craving more human interaction on OTT platforms

How can the OTT Watch Party feature aid people to stay connected with each other online.     Introduction At the start of the global pandemic, underdog video sharing Apps such as Houseparty saw massive surges in downloads, along with Zoom and Skype experiencing more usage rates. Research has shown that these peaks in downloads […]

Controlling What Kids Watch Online

Why secure parental controls are important.   Introduction There are many things to consider when starting an OTT business or levelling up a current service. Content providers can get lost in a sea of features and configurations sometimes it’s easy to forget the main goal; to provide a good reliable service that customers enjoy and […]

Video Previews Increase Engagement on Your OTT Platform

Why video previews will reduce churn rate, improve user experience and increase monetisation.   Introduction When considering the UI design of an OTT streaming platform, video should play a huge role. How could it not? However, from 2007 to around 2016 most platforms followed the same poster grid structure to showcase their content, a clever […]

The Continue Watching Culture

How the new era of content consumption spawned the continue watching feature.   Introduction The continue watching feature has been around for a while. In fact it’s strange to think of time without the continue watching feature on the streaming platforms. Normally placed on the homepage in a dedicated content rail, the simple to use […]

What is a Recommendation Engine and why is it important?

We will explore the importance of Recommendation Engines and why it is important for retaining users, reducing churn and supporting monetisation.   Introduction There has been an explosion of available content online through a variety of different services in the last few years, HULU, one of the biggest names in the OTT industry, has an […]

Reducing Churn Rate With Offline Playback

The Benefits of having Offline playback for End-users and Content Providers     Introduction Offline Playback is a high-end feature for OTT Applications. Allowing end-users to download DRM/Non DRM videos over WI-FI and/or Mobile Data Networks has been proven to increase user engagement and reduce churn rate for content providers. Whether the user is commuting […]