Location - India, Global

Senior DevOps Engineer

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At DIAGNAL, we are a leading technology company specializing in providing innovative solutions for the digital entertainment industry. Our cutting-edge products and services enable millions of users to access high-quality video streaming applications across various devices and screen sizes. As a company, we value collaboration, impact, and the growth of talented individuals. We foster a work environment that emphasizes fair compensation, work-life balance, flexibility, and appreciation for our employees’ contributions. With a focus on learning and development programs, impactful products, and a culture of freedom and autonomy, we strive to create an environment where our team members feel valued and empowered.


What we offer

  • Fair compensation: We believe in providing competitive salaries that reflect the value and expertise of our team members.
  • Paid Leave: We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer generous paid leave to support our employees’ well-being and personal commitments.
  • Work-life balance: We prioritize creating a healthy work-life balance for our employees, recognizing the importance of maintaining personal and professional harmony.
  • Flexible Working: We offer flexible working arrangements to accommodate individual preferences and needs, enabling our employees to optimize their productivity and achieve a better work-life integration.
  • Activities & events: We organize various activities and events to foster team bonding, creativity, and a positive work culture. These events provide opportunities for relaxation, celebration, and building connections within the DIAGNAL community.
  • Learning & Development program: We are committed to the growth and development of our employees. Our learning and development programs offer continuous opportunities to enhance skills, acquire new knowledge, and stay updated with the latest industry trends.
  • Growth: We provide a platform for professional growth, enabling employees to take on new challenges, expand their skill sets, and advance their careers within DIAGNAL.
  • Talented People: We are proud to have a team of talented individuals who are passionate about their work and contribute to our collective success. Working alongside skilled professionals, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and be inspired.
  • Collaboration: We foster a collaborative work environment where teamwork and open communication are valued. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with cross-functional teams, including designers, project managers, QA engineers, operations engineers, third-party systems providers, and customers, to deliver exceptional products.
  • Impactful Products: Joining DIAGNAL means being part of a team that creates impactful products used by millions of users. Your work will have a direct influence on the digital entertainment industry and contribute to our mission of delivering high-quality experiences.
  • Freedom: We trust our employees and believe in providing them with the freedom to make decisions and execute their work without excessive micromanagement. We value autonomy and encourage independent thinking.
  • Feel valued: We genuinely value the contributions and efforts of our team members. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels valued, recognized, and appreciated.


  • Help various engineering teams at Diagnal in building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure required for projects.
  • Triage calls with clients, developers & stakeholders to resolve production issues, propose quick solutions to immediate requirements etc.
  • Troubleshooting application alerts from monitoring tools and performing RCAs
  • Test and deploy processes to ensure the creation of processes that are iterative, frequent, repeatable, and reliable.
  • Provide hotfixes, alternate workflows and/or additional support on Diagnal products & services to our customers ensuring zero BAU impact.
  • Manage the outcomes of the tickets opened to ensure the uptime and quality of the production system are always maintained.
  • Identify & provide metrics that allow the organization to be more agile and responsive and to take appropriate action to improve and enhance the customer experience.
  • Be responsible for the uptime monitoring, SLA monitoring and performance monitoring of systems deployed & maintained by Diagnal.
  • Setup load & stress testing scripts to help the engineering teams to benchmark their implementations.
  • Maintain necessary presentation and documentation for technical artifacts
  • Be responsible to ensure that the systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats – configure & maintain security & threat monitoring tools like Synk, Dependabot etc.
  • Be responsible for the effective and diligent use of Cloud resources by the engineering team – you will be the central point of control for cloud resource utilization at Diagnal.
  • Provide technical support and carry out operational engineering tasks on digital media solutions we provide for some of the biggest media companies globally.
  • Be responsible for ensuring the uptime and smooth operations of digital entertainment products that are used by millions of users
  • Be responsible for release management that involves continuous deployment to the customer in the form of feature releases and patches. We make quick releases to patch issues which helps us create and run the very best products on the market
  • Partner with project managers, developers, QA engineers, third party systems providers and customers for good understanding of the platform. 
  • Be part of the risk assessment team to ensure there are contingency plans associated with every single release that’s rolled out to production.
  • Think about and implement automation to make your team’s operations as efficient as possible 
  • At all times consider how to engineer systems the right way for high performance and for future maintainability instead of taking shortcuts to get the job done
  • Be proactive and be alert for potential issues before they arrive. Drive for continual improvement in support and operations
  • Ensure the collaborative development and continuous integration and the early discovery and exposure of integration risks, reduced costs, and shortened testing cycles.

Experience Required

  • Hands-on AWS & DevOps engineering experience
  • DevOps experience must go beyond the use of release processes and into the actual design, development, implementation, and definition of best practices for CI/CD processes.
  • Hands-on experience in setting up static hosting using modern web application hosting technologies.
  • Experience with industry-standard tooling
  • Experience with the following tooling is a must: Github Actions/CircleCI, SonarQube, WireMock, or any other mocking solution, infrastructure as code framework – Terraform/Cloudformation/Ansible.
  • Experience utilizing APIs to integrate CI, testing, and deployments of systems across the SDLC
  • Very strong understanding of modern IT infrastructure components and their integrations
  • Preferably any scripting languages (e.g., Bash, Python or Ruby)
  • Experience with Networking and Linux – including protocols, packet captures, file systems, Linux networking, etc.
  • Exposure to the development ecosystem – Microservices, REST APIs, API Gateways, and related technologies.