Location - India

Graduate Programme

Fill out the form to apply. Please note due to the large number of applicants we receive we are not able to respond to everyone. You will be contacted if we think you would be a good fit at Diagnal.

At DIAGNAL, we are a leading technology company specializing in providing innovative solutions for the digital entertainment industry. Our cutting-edge products and services enable millions of users to access high-quality video streaming applications across various devices and screen sizes. As a company, we value collaboration, impact, and the growth of talented individuals. We foster a work environment that emphasizes fair compensation, work-life balance, flexibility, and appreciation for our employees’ contributions. With a focus on learning and development programs, impactful products, and a culture of freedom and autonomy, we strive to create an environment where our team members feel valued and empowered.


What we look for

  • Drive: You possess a high level of energy and determination, and you persevere through obstacles until tasks are completed flawlessly. Achieving exceptional results is a strong motivation for you, and you consistently strive for excellence in everything you undertake.
  • Logical-Analytical Abilities: You are a fast learner who can independently investigate and grasp new concepts effectively. When faced with unexpected challenges, you employ a combination of creativity and structure to find solutions, and you can do so autonomously.
  • Common Sense: Your judgment and intuition are grounded in reality, and you possess sound reasoning skills. You have a practical understanding that strikes a balance between academic pursuit and the importance of speed in achieving outcomes in a competitive environment.
  • Pragmatism: Rather than being overly focused on perfectionism or academic pursuits, you recognize that speed is often as crucial as quality in accomplishing tasks efficiently. You understand the practicality of finding solutions that are both effective and timely.
  • Reasoning and Depth of Learning: You have a structured and creative mindset that enables you to independently tackle most challenging problems, provided you have the necessary knowledge. You have a natural inclination to delve deep into subjects, eagerly absorbing new concepts and skills while enjoying the process.
  • Humility: You maintain a down-to-earth attitude, eagerly open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism. Supporting your team’s success is a priority, and you willingly contribute whatever assistance they require.
  • Proficiency in English: You possess advanced proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English, allowing you to effectively communicate and comprehend complex information in the language.