Building Long-term Engagement with your Audiences

This summer, the BBC has broken previous records with an impressive 54.3 million streams on BBC iPlayer and online for Wimbledon 2023, surpassing last year’s 53.8 million streams. Notably, both the men’s and women’s singles finals also experienced a significant increase in online and iPlayer viewership compared to the previous year. 

Compelling events can be so critical when it comes to driving viewership. They attract audiences from around the globe, uniting us in the excitement of the moment. However, not every platform or content library has the luxury of hosting such exciting one-time events. 

In the absence of singular compelling events, fostering long-term engagement becomes critical. Here are some effective strategies to keep your audience captivated:


Diverse Content

A content library with diverse and high-quality content is essential. Offer a range of topics, formats, and styles to cater to various interests and preferences. Analyse your viewership data and survey your audience to find out what they are interested in. 



Utilise data-driven insights to personalise content recommendations for your audience. Make sure you have a robust content recommendation engine on your platform. Tailoring suggestions to their tastes increases the chances of continuous engagement.


Local Relevant Content

Offer content that resonates with and speaks directly to your audience’s interests and needs. This can differ market to market but enables you to effectively build long-term engagement with your viewers.


Pricing and ads

Test and adjust your pricing strategy so that it reflects your content offering. Lower price points may attract more subscribers but means you have less content budget and revenue. Offering an ad-supported lower price plan may help to attract price conscious viewers and create an ad revenue stream. 


Promotion and Collaboration

Leverage social media platforms and collaborate with influencers and relevant partners to expand your reach and attract new audiences. Promotions with the right partner for a bundled offering can help both parties expand their customer base and is a win-win.


In conclusion, while compelling events like Wimbledon 2023 can drive viewership naturally, offering diverse, personalised, relevant and regular new content, and working on promotions and collaborations, can help you create a long term audience engagement plan.

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